Why the Real Estate Professional is so Crucial to Clients

In today’s information age, buyers count on real estate professionals for more than just showing homes. Buyers need their real estate professional to guide them through the stresses and pitfalls that occur in any real estate transaction. In essence, they look to their real estate professional to be expert in the field of real estate. In order to meet client expectations, it’s important that the real estate professional truly understands the needs of the client. Today, one of those needs is often for personal privacy.

In that regard, what many of your clients don’t know is that once their transaction closes, and the deed is recorded, their ownership information becomes public and is posted on the internet. Many clients don’t like this exposure – having private financial information on the internet can be a recipe for disaster. However, real estate professionals can help their clients maintain their privacy by recommending an Indiana land trust. Ownership through a land trust keeps your client’s ownership information private – off the public record and off the internet. Providing your client with this valuable information makes you more than just a real estate professional – you are a trusted advisor guiding your client through a difficult time, providing value-added information. It not only helps them maintain their physical and financial safety, it helps you get repeat and referral business!


Protect Physical Safety:

If real estate is purchased under an Indiana Land Trust Company number, the buyer’s home address will not be linked to their name. That anonymity makes it harder for any unwanted visitors to locate your clients. For those working with the public or in the public eye, this is a simple and important safety measure.

Prevent Litigation:

Real Estate is one of the largest assets that a person owns. By placing property into a Land Trust, the owner can shield themself from asset searches, thus decreasing chances of litigation.

Maintain Financial Safety:

Internet fraudsters are very much a thing of the present. By putting together various pieces of financial and personal information obtained via internet searches, fraudsters can steal an owner’s identity. Land Trusts provide the ability to protect financial information and help prevent identity theft.

Keep Finances Private:

Although mortgages are a matter of public record, the buyer’s name does not have to be linked to their mortgage. Land Trusts help maintain anonymity on recorded financial documents associated with the purchase of their home.

Maximize Bargaining Power:

Land Trusts allow buyers to make confidential offers to purchase property. Confidential offers can help buyers stay anonymous, maintain negotiating leverage, and ultimately save money.

Avoid Probate:

Probate court can be a long, tedious and costly process that many of us hope to avoid. Land Trusts provide an easy and private transfer of ownership on death without the time and expense of a court proceeding.


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